A Tale of Tax Fascists in Maryland
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From now on, I will be publicly documenting all interaction with both state and federal government. In the past, these things have made me tremendously upset. Now their behaviour strikes me as ridiculous. My only concern is losing my car; I otherwise have no assets. My only source of "money" is social security disability income. No matter what some people might call it, it is not "wages". It is not taxable if it is one's sole source of "money". If you live only off this "money", you therefore have none to spare. It's not a bloated personal trust fund from which I can rip off checks to make other people happy.

Today I received a letter from the Comptroller of Maryland (who puts the "troll" in "comptroller"). Here it is! Click on the image to see a larger one, then hit your browser's back button to return to this Terrible Tale.

Now, I am not "employed". That word is in quotes because I do have a function and I do not spend my days wanking. However, I am permanently disabled and no employer will give me a "job". I have long since ceased to bang my head uselessly against that wall and moved on. I will be responding to the above letter with a hand-written note stating that I am permanently disabled, unemployed, and unable to get or keep a job due to my disability. I will attach their response, if they send one, here, as a comment to this post.
Morally, all debt should be forgiven of anyone who, for good reason, is unable to pay. I believe being permanently disabled and permanently unemployed is a very amply adequate reason. I am also quite sure their response, if any, will be nonsensical. 
PART II (30 January 2010)
Two days after getting the above notice, I got a notice of lien. Here's the notice:

Today I received a notice of wage garnishment:

Here is my response to all of the above, which will go in the mail as soon as I can get it printed:
Damien Moody
Comptroller of Maryland
Revenue Administration Division
Annapolis MD 21411

30 January 2010


I know you'd like to get your money, but unfortunately I am permanently disabled and unemployed. I do not now and will not in the foreseeable future have the means to pay you. The reasons for my current predicament should not even be relevant, and as I am tired of repeating myself to you people, I will simply say I am a victim of domestic abuse and am in my current situation through doings not my own.

With this in mind, the lien is both pointless and unecessarily harsh. You are kicking a man while he's down and getting nothing out of it anyway. I have no property. I have nothing that can be siezed or sold. I am unemployed. I am permanently disabled and employers do not want to hire me because of my disability, even though it is illegal for them to consider my disability in employment decisions.

Also with this in mind, the wage garnishment is a joke. I do not have wages and do no expect to in the foreseeable future. If you even attempt to garnish my social security, I will take this to the next level and publicly browbeat you in every newspaper that will take my story – around the world. I will also report any such activity to Congressman Van Holen's office, who has put a Congressional flag or watch on my social security. They will probably not be happy with anyone attempting to mess with their work or the help they extend to their constituents.

Which brings me to this: I am making all correspondence with you as public as I possibly can. You are mistreating your unemployed citizens with disabilities and I want everyone to know. I have given you all this information about me before. I understand that many government organizations are hurting for money; however, going after the disabled and unemployed is despicable beyond belief. You will not be allowed to do this without a public outcry and a public shaming.
I'd like to point out that I will make good on my promises to go ultra-public if these tards continue to harass me. Any response I get from them will be posted here.

I realise that a bit of background information is lacking. When I get a chance to find a long explanatory letter I wrote to the IRS about their harassment, I will post it here. It explains everything. 

"Everything's Alive" is now out!
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"Because" is now out!
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"Because", the latest song from the "Lovely Madhouse" album, is now out and available directly from audiodef.com - for free, of course. because.mp3 Lyrics: Because you're here And you've brought suffering Insanity run rampant Because I believe And see through the posturing Of the lovely, madhouse sycophants I haven't lied I haven't compromised You haven't tried You still don't realise Because of broken fools And their rage for normalcy Imposed on weaker minds Because I believe Have witnessed the insanity And so few of our kind I haven't lied I haven't compromised You haven't tried You still don't realise

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Your Country: Not Something To Love
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Last night my little mind was grappling with the phrase "I love my country" and the people who say it. There is nothing to love about the US. This country:
  • Treats its military veterans like garbage
  • Treats its active military members like disposable diapers
  • Has no qualms overthrowing any other government in the world at any time, for any reason necessary to protect "its own interests", whether or not that country has ever done anything to the US - and pretty much nobody ever has
  • Does little for its citizens with disabilities. What little it has done was for the publicity and appearance of those who signed laws.
  • Ignores its hungry and allows people to die of starvation
  • Prohibits - or attempts to prohibit - individuals from exercising the right to love whom they will
  • Ignores the poor
  • Ignores the homeless
  • Does whatever is necessary to increase the wealth and power of the few corporations which today control all mainstream media and production
  • Demands taxes solely for the purpose of funding illegal wars, and imprisoning individuals who conscientiously and rightfully refuse to cooperate, while giving huge tax breaks to the few wealthy elite who run the controlling corporations
  • Demands that citizens work for corporations in exchange for meaningless paper symbols that can be used to obtain the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, and even water. The people are raised to believe this is the only way to obtain such necessities when in fact the rest of the universe knows these things are free and easy to get without slavery - for you indeed are a slave every time you handle money
  • Makes certain non-fatal substances illegal while stocking its stores and supermarkets with substances that can easily kill (simple example: pot versus nutmeg)
  • Allows power-hungry, mentally ill individuals to hold public office. Public office is a duty, not a goal or an aspiration. The ideal leader does not seek the job, but takes it seriously when it is given to him
  • Has never had a female president when every other country in the world throughout history has had many female leaders at the top of the political chain
  • As a whole treats its females with contempt
  • Does nothing to separate church and state despite a high directive from its own constitution. People thus suffer for not being Christian - including those Christians that are actually Christ-like. This is NOT a Christian country, and this fact is hard-wired into the constitution, and is therefore non-debatable
  • Allows non-elected individuals to become commander-in-chief of the US armed forces. A non-elected leader is not a president. I leave it to you to think of the right word
  • Continuously - and badly - lies to its citizens. They're not even good at it. It's a stream of infantile fibs
  • Writes laws that are, frankly, outright stupid. I don't mean laws that I disagree with. A law can be intelligent while disagreeable. I mean just plain stupid
  • Does not educate its citizens. Thus, all of the above continues to happen, and "they" know this.
And this is not even an exhaustive list by any means. Note that any human rights advancements Americans enjoy today are due entirely to individuals and non-governmental groups. The government has never initiated any such advancements, and such advancements should be the PRIMARY function of government. No, there is nothing to love here. What there is to love are the principles embedded in this country's founding documents, as well as in some of this country's oaths and expressions, which too many citizens are today not taking seriously. Before you gasp and scold me, let me ask you: what are you doing about it? If you are unable to take action, are you at least speaking up? These are the principles that are today getting little more than lip service from the bulk of Americans:
  • Freedom and liberty for all. Who's free? Where is this liberty? Are you following your dreams and the pursuit of happiness, especially when "your" country has amassed such enormous wealth and resources?
  • Government shall be of, by and for the people. Where is MY government? The regime in power does not represent me in the slightest. It probably does not represent you much, if at all, either. In fact, it accurately represents nobody except the wealthy elite in charge of the major corporations
  • Democratically elected leaders. At this point, the entire voting system in this country is a joke - is in fact the butt of jokes elsewhere around the world
  • Freedom of speech. Oh, yes, this one too, is getting shafted. If I peacefully stand before the White House talking to passers-by about how bad the president is, I will be forcibly removed and possibly imprisoned. And this without using any bad language or threats on my part. Don't believe me? Try it. I dare you. Just get your affairs in order first
  • Freedom of religion. If you aren't some kind of Christian, you're going to get screwed over. Despite this country being founded as a non-denominational nation, the Christian extremists make life difficult for everyone else here
You get the idea. You know how some people advise you to love the people, not the company? That applies here: love the principles, not the country.


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